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                        1. Welcome to the official website of Jiangsu Changling Hydraulic Co., Ltd. Stock Code:605389

                          Create a brand with quality

                          Mainly produces hydraulic turning joint,adjuster cylinder, hydraulic valves and other products

                          “Bilin” brand series of hydraulic turning joints are produced according to interna-tional standards, reaching the advanced level in the world.

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                          “Bilin” adjuster cylinder is suitable for excavators, cranes, rotary excavators, graders and other fully hydraulic crawler-type walking machinery

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                          Spring products required by construction machinery, mining machinery, railway vehicle, electric power equipment..

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                          “Changling” hydraulic valve supporting: various valve blocks of small exca-valors, shuttle valves and boom retaining valves; Hydraulic control valves and the like for components such as loader gearboxes.

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                          Welcome to Changling

                          Independent research and development strength, efficient and agile delivery

                          Jiangsu Changling Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in hydraulic engineering key parts for engineering machinery with independent intellectual property rights. It mainly produces hydraulic turning joint for construction machinery, adjuster cylinder, hydraulic valves, etc. After years of hard work, the company has developed into a major production base for domestic hydraulic parts for construction machinery.

                          Our Advantage

                          Key Hydraulic Parts and Components Enterprise for Specialized Construction Machinery

                          TECHNOLOGY R&D

                          The Company always regards technological innovation as its core competitiveness. continuously increases its own scientific research team construction and research and development equip-ment investment. The Company has formed a multi-level opera-tion mode of technological innovation led by the technology center, linked by the backbone of technology and supported by the technical groups of each section.

                          DELIVERY CAPABILITY

                          Over the years, we have built up Changling's lean production mode, carried out the transformation of the digital workshop, and opened the supply chain links of order demand-enterprise resource plan-ning-workshop manufacturing execution-delivery and distribution, which can meet the customers' requirements of multi-varieties, small batches and delivery according to the rhythm.

                          QUALITY & REPUTATION

                          We have built an intel-ligent unit production line from finishing to final assembly. We have perfect testing equipment, such as the airtightness test, durability test, and type test equipment. Product quality stability,reliability and other core indicators have reached the same level of international leading manufacturers.