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                        1. Welcome to the official website of Jiangsu Changling Hydraulic Co., Ltd. Stock Code:605389
                          Current location:Home > About Us > Social Responsibility

                          Social Responsibility

                          Sustainable development

                          In recent years, the Company has invested in the construction of 1.3 MW solar generating sets to achieve the use of clean and renewable energy. The Company adopts water-soluble coatings, to develop cleaner and greener technologies, and regard sustainable development as an important part of the Company's development strategy.

                          Aid Students and Alleviate Poverty

                          Over the years, the fund has been set up to help poor students and poor families in the region, encouraging them to change their fate with knowledge and hard work, and has distributed nearly 2 million yuan in aid-the-poor grants. The Company contributed funds to build new school districts in local primary and secondary schools and has harmonious and symbiotic development with the community.