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                        1. Welcome to the official website of Jiangsu Changling Hydraulic Co., Ltd. Stock Code:605389
                          Current location:Home > About Us > Development


                          • 2018

                            After completion of the joint-stock system transforrna-tion. the Company was renamed as "Jiangsu Changling Hydraulic Co., Ltd."

                          • 2015

                            "Bilin" trademark is recognized as a famous trade-mark in Jiangsu Province.

                          • 2014

                            The excellent platinum-level supplier with Caterpillar SQEP certification.

                          • 2011

                            The "Expansion Project of Key Hydraulic Parts" has been listed as "the Central Special Project of National Key Industry Revitalization and Technical Transformation".

                          • 2010

                            The Company presided over the drafting of the national standard "GB/T 25629-2010 Central Rotary Joint for Hydraulic Excavators".

                          • 2008

                            The hydraulic turning joint for multi-oil-way large machinery researched and developed by the Company obtained national invention patents.

                          • 2007

                            The hydraulic turning joint for the "Bilin" brand hydraulic exca-vator won the title of famous brand prod-ucts in Jiangsu Province.

                          • 2000

                            The hydraulic turning joint developed and produced has passed the technical apprais-al presided over by Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department.

                          • 1996

                            The hydraulic turning joint excavator has been devel-oped and applied in the field of hydraulic components of construction machinery.

                          • 1985

                            The Company cooperates with Changzhou Forestry Machinery Fae-tory to produce hydraulic parts.