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                        1. Welcome to the official website of Jiangsu Changling Hydraulic Co., Ltd. Stock Code:605389
                          Current Location:Home > Products

                          All products are manufactured by Changling wisdom

                          The company broke through a number of core key technologies and won 8 high-tech products and more than 90 patents through independent research and development and technological innovation.

                          Hydraulic turning joint

                          A Hydraulic turning joint is the key component of the hydraulic systems, such as excavator, crane, aerial work vehicle, shield machine, rotary excavator, grader, and offshore work platform.

                          Adjuster Cylinder

                          "Bilin" adjuster cylinder is suitable for excavators, cranes, rotary excavators, graders and other fully hydraulic crawler-type walking machinery, and the main function is to achieve the crawler tensioning function, to prevent the crawler from falling off. The Company is cooperating with Sany, Xugong, Liugong, Longgong, Qingdao Lovol, Xiagong, and other famous domestic con-struction machinery manufacturers, as well as foreign brands such as Cater-pillar and Hyundai.

                          Spring Series

                          Spring products required by construction machinery, mining machinery, railway vehicle, electric power equipment, and other industries are manu-factured with wire diameter specifications Ф20-Ф95 mm.

                          Valve Series

                          "Changling" hydraulic valve supporting: various valve blocks of small exca-valors, shuttle valves and boom retaining valves; Hydraulic control valves and the like for components such as loader gearboxes.

                          Pin Bushing

                          The surface of the "Changling" pin has good impact toughness after medium frequency quenching. The surface roughness of the deep hole is improved and the lubrication is smoother by adopting the deep hole machining technology in the middle hole.

                          Application field

                          Relying on the accumulated research and development of key hydraulic components for construction machinery for many years, and with the help of the priority development in the field of national major equipment manu-facturing, major technological breakthroughs have been made in the hydraulic turning joint with complex working conditions, ultra-high pres-sure, multi-channel and large tonnage hydraulic pressure, and the design, manufacture, batch quantification and innovation capabilities have been